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100% Natural. Low in Sodium


Absolutely packed with all the nutrients of the plantet yet low in sodium GroPAL was developed by master herbalist, farmer and nutritionist Gerry Amena to address mineral & trace element deficiencies in soil.


Through our unique solar evaporative process 98% of the sodium has been removed leaving a product that is nutirent dense, low in sodium & results producing.  Lower in sodium & more nutrient dense than competing products in it's class GroPAL is the standard bearer in ocean based nutrients.



Due to it's Ionic state GroPAL ensures maximum absorbtion by the plant.



With GroPAL, for as little as $10.00 you can deliver the ocean mineral equivalent found in approx 20 gallons of ocean water less the high level of Sodium.


Healthier plants & healthier soil

Healthier plants, greater yields, bigger profits, and as GroPAL is loaded with nutriens of this earth it will not disrupt the delicate biological activity in soil.  


AVAILABLE ONLINE to US and Canada ONLY. If you are not in these regions and you wish to purchase GroPAL, please call +61 418 873 014.


Available online in 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon sizes.  For larger order please call us direct or call one of our listed stockists for best price, advice & unbeatable service


For detailed information about GroPAL products, please go to http://www.gropal.com.