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Aussie Trace Minerals™ is one of the most nutrient dense liquid Trace Mineral supplements available. It comes naturally packed full of Magnesium and other essential major and trace minerals. There is an amazing 750mg of ionic minerals in every 1/2 teaspoon serving.

Aussie Trace Minerals™ was developed to address the mineral deficit in the modern diet, which is the result of aggressive farming methods and food production processes. Aussie Trace Minerals™ is a low sodium, full spectrum ionic mineral concentrate that is derived from pure Ocean water, ensuring that it is rich in natural occurring major and trace minerals.

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250 mL/8fl.Oz


Pay For Three 8fl.Oz Aussie Trace Minerals, Get 4 Bottles - You Save $24.50



Aussie Trace Minerals - Pay For Eight 8 fl.Oz, Get 12 Bottles - You Save $98.00




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I’ve been using Aussie Trace Minerals as a supplement to my normal electrolyte sports drink for over a year now. What I have noticed is that I can now concentrate on my game and strategy rather than worrying about the pain my body will go through after 90 minutes of competition. I no longer suffer lags and lethargy when playing a third set, allowing me to maintain my performance level which is key to a successful club season. My recovery time has also improved and, best of all, my muscles do not ache anymore the next day no matter how hard I played.