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About Us


SeaMineral.com Inc is dedicated to to the welfare of the planet we live in & the welfare of you our customers.


We are a leading voice advocating the advocating the viability and promoting the efficacy and use of ocean nutrients as a food source, in food production and as a viable & cost effective alternative to chemical fertilizers in the agricultural sector.


We are not just a voice - we are also a highly motivated and dedicated team with real people operating in Australia, Asia, USA, Canada & Europe.


As a private organization we are not burdened with the need to produce results for investors or shareholders, we are dedicated and accountable to each other , and you - our biggest stakeholders.




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Seamineral.com Inc.
Phone:1-877 835 5555 (USA & Canada)
Phone Rest of World: +1 970 241 3866

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Aussie Trace Minerals

Minerals and trace elements – Absolutely essential!   Aussie Trace Minerals™ is a Super Concentrated “Full...


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250 mL/8fl.Oz


Aussie Trace Minerals - Pay For Three 8fl.Oz Aussie Trace Minerals, Get 4 Bottles - You Save $24.50

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Aussie Trace Minerals - Aussie Trace Minerals - Pay For Eight 8 fl.Oz, Get 12 Bottles - You Save $98.00

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