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Frequently Asked Questions


What are ionic Sea Minerals?

Ionic minerals are elements that totally dissolved and having gained or lost an electron in their dissolved or ionized state, they carry either a negative of positive electrical charge.  

Are ionic minerals better absorbed & more bioavailable to the body?

Ionic minerals are easily absorbed and more bioavailable to the human body.  Food is a highly complex compound that contains many different nutrients.  In the case of minerals in food, prior to absorption the food must undergo an exhaustive process where it is broken down & fully dissolved this in effect converts the minerals into an ionic or electrically charged particle which is then absorbed through receptors in the permeable lining of the small intestine.  As Ionic minerals are already fully dissolved in solution they do not require the same exhaustive process as is required to break down food or dry mineral tablets.  They already come in a form readily accessible to the human body.  


Even in the plant world elements must first be set free from their compound (soil) this is made possible by a number of reactions in soil.  The most crucial being the availability of water which dissolves the elements of this earth converting them into highly reactive ions that are then easily absorbed through the root of the plant.

Can I get all the minerals I need from food?

In theory this is possible, but in practice it is much harder.  Soil today contains significantly less minerals & trace elements than just a generation ago.  The consumer looks at farming as food production but the farmer looks at differently.  Farming is similar to mining and with each harvest more elements are stripped from the soil.  Chemical fertilization has only accelerated this loss of nutrients of from our soil.  A deficiency of any one element in soil will pass the same deficiency through to crops and through to us.  You would have to eat considerably more good food to get the same nutrient density as your grandparents did. 

 The high consumption of processed foods has made it much harder to obtain adequate minerals & trace elements from our diets.   Most processed foods like refined grains, sugars & proteins are almost void of all other nutrients including minerals & trace elements.  As “essential nutrients” minerals and trace elements must be consumed and cannot be synthesized or produced in the body.   Other important considerations are drinking water that is now highly purified and in most instances stripped bare of essential elements was once an important source of minerals in our diets.

Are ionic minerals found in nature?

Yes - Ionic minerals are found in natural springs, wells and ground water.  In the past this was the only source of water that we had and as such was an invaluable source of highly bioavailable minerals & trace elements.  Today most drinking water sources are either bottled, highly purified or distilled water.  The naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in Ocean and Sea water being totally dissolved are also found in ionic form.  

Do minerals help maintain pH balance?

Minerals are a naturally alkalizing agent.  Natural spring, river and ground water contain considerably higher concentrations of minerals than purified and bottled waters.  These naturally occurring alkalizing minerals ensured that traditional drinking sources were always slightly alkaline for a very good reason.


Most natural foods are inherently acidic which is not a bad thing in itself as living tissue has natural buffers that fight to maintain pH balance at all times.  Balance is the key, as an overly alkaline environment is equally as bad as an overly acidic environment within the body.  This becomes problematic with the introduction of processed foods in our diets due to the almost universal inclusion of acids as they enhances flavor, and also acts as a powerful preserving agent.  This inevitably leads to a highly acidic diet and acid overload within our own internal environment.


The consumption of highly purified & distilled water or carbonated water & sugary drinks do not help this situation.  Acidic water is a powerful solvent, it is also thirsty and will absorb minerals because that is what H20 does, thereby robbing the body of essential minerals that are required for important biological functions.  A mineral rich diet is one of nature’s most effective measures in maintaining pH balance.  Alkalizing minerals are one of natures most effective buffers against an acidic environment within the human body!

Are there other sources of ionic minerals in nature?

Yes - Ocean water is natures largest reserve of ionic minerals.  As the earth is made up of approximately 70% ocean water it is also an inexhaustible source of ionic minerals.  Unchanged over eons of time, Ocean water is stable, balanced, and contains many different minerals and trace elements in safe & non-toxic & beneficial concentrations.  As a matter of fact our oceans contain more than 80% of all life on earth within in her waters.  Ocean water contains 92 naturally occurring elements and is considered Natures Electrolyte!

How did the minerals end up in Ocean water?

There are a number of ways that our Oceans get their minerals.  There is underwater volcanic activity and even vents deep in the ocean floor where water seeps into oceanic crust, as the Ocean water heats up it dissolves minerals in the crust and then flows back into the Ocean.  These endless cycles have been going on since the very beginning.  Another very important contributor is rainfall – Water is natures original solvent and the less alkalizing minerals it contains the more acidic it is.  Rainwater is a perfect example, it gathers naturally occurring carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and as such rainwater contains carbonic acid with a pH in the range of about 5.6 (a pH of 7 is neutral) it is considered acidic enabling rainwater to literally dissolve rocks & earth.  These dissolved ions make their way down our streams & rivers and are ultimately deposited into our Oceans and Seas.   Although rainwater is naturally acidic it should not be confused with acid rain, which is the result of pollution in the atmosphere.

What does Ocean water contain in the way of minerals?

Ocean water is unlike any other water body on earth.  It consists of approximately 3.5% dissolved salts each cubic mile of Ocean water contains approximately 120,000,000 million tons of dissolved or ionic salts, 90% of which is sodium chloride leaving 12,000,000 tons of other minerals & trace elements in every cubic mile of Ocean water.  Stable & unchanged for over eons of time Ocean water contains every known naturally occurring element on earth in safe & viable concentrations.  

Aussie Trace Minerals™ is LOW SODIUM how is this achieved?

Sodium reduction achieved naturally – Solar concentrated at the source over a period of time that is ultimately governed by climatic conditions, our sea minerals undergo a number of natural solar concentration processes.  As our ionic sea mineral solution becomes denser high concentrations of sodium chloride naturally fall out of solution, leaving an ionic mineral solution that contains the very same FULL SPECTRUM of minerals and trace elements as our living Oceans. Every 2.5mL  delivers an amazing 750mg of ionic minerals.

Is Aussie Trace Minerals rich in magnesium?

Yes – Each 2.5mL serving contains 210mg of dissolved (ionic) Magnesium in addition to many different minerals and trace elements.  Sea Minerals is one of nature’s richest sources of Magnesium.  In it’s ionic state it is also one of the most bioavailable source of Magnesium found in nature.

How should Aussie Sea Minerals™ be taken?

Aussie Sea Minerals™ is a highly concentrated Ocean mineral complex and should only be taken as directed.  It should always be taken diluted in juice or water.  Aussie Sea Minerals can also be added to food or drinking water.

Where is Aussie Sea Minerals™ sourced?

Aussie Sea Minerals is sourced from Australia - Due to Australia’s geographical isolation from the rest of the world and it’s low population pressure on the environment Australia is the ideal location to source our sea minerals.  Solar concentrated at the source each stage is greatly dependent on climatic conditions.  To ensure supply & quality our sea minerals are concentrated at two different guarded locations.

Do you make other products as well?

Yes – We produce a number of products from herbal infused sea minerals to natural nourishing skin creams.  We are currently working on developing a number of new products that are safe, nutritious, and convenient to take.

Sea Mineral Typical Analysis

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